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Vegetable Biryani Recipe Video – Indian Vegetarian Recipes by Bhavna

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  1. +Mahathi Durbha I have already shared many salad recipes including indian
    versions so please watch them and will sure post more.

  2. TheFreeSpiritedSoul

    Your rcipes are great but there’s too much of editing.. why not show only
    your food?

  3. awesome recipe… tried its very tasty

  4. Kulvinder K Diocee

    Do you reheat the biryani on the stove or oven? I love rice but I’ve never
    tried veg. biryani.


  6. Hi Bhavana I just subscribed ur channel. I love the way u cook and I also
    tried many of ur recipes which turned out to be great.
    I have 1 suggestion for you to keep some people happy who alway keep on
    saying that u talk so much. The suggestion is that u can upload 2 version
    of ur video, 1 without tips and 1 with helpful tips.. So ur viewers can
    choose whatever they wish. Anyways I m happy with u..Keep on posting new
    recipes..All the best

  7. Lakshmi Satya Prathima Kothamasu

    yester I tried this biryani its veryyyyyyyyy yammmy …….thanks bhava

  8. i really wish you had the measurements on this recipe somewhere. I have
    looked all over your web site and cant find any measurements at all. I
    followed the recipe video tried to match the measurements just by site but
    it didn’t turn out well.

  9. can v cook witout saffron

  10. U could have made this video in 1 minute, u talk too much !

  11. i love vegetable biryana!!! the variations are endless… i have my own
    recipies for this…. of course varies from family to family and village to
    village, and city to city.. and region to region… that is the fun of
    it!!!! thanks again for great video…. i also add raisins and cashews…
    and other “secrets”…. yes, i agree, NO NOT overcook the basmati!! and
    starting out the masala with whole spice… timing is everything… i
    would added kari and cashews at sametime as cumin… then after about 2-5
    seconds on high heat (depending on how it goes)… add the onion to start
    to cool down (so not to burn previous….)… then reduce heat, when onion
    start to wilt then everything else is addded and cooked on med-high heat or
    medium heat… depending on stove, but i would add rice to mix… in saute
    pan… not make a cassorole.. but then again every family has their own
    style!! that is what is so interesting

  12. y to dissolve saffron..i mean wt flavour does it give????????

  13. prabhu nath yadav

    Bhavna you talk too much just for feo recipe

  14. Dominika Wegimouse

    Very good !!! :-)

  15. Can we add chicken:/

  16. your so pretty and the vegtable biryana i made was soo delcious

  17. Arundathi Vaddanam

    Nice & simple method.

  18. uttam kumar Mohanty

    I like veg biryani

  19. U added every world spice in this dish!

  20. Bhavana, looks very yummy. I think u got lot of patience. I’ll definetely
    going to try this.

  21. Great – nice authentic veggie recipe

  22. lol i love how she struggled with the lid on that glass tray =P

  23. Bhavana, looks very yummy. I think u got lot of patience. I’ll definetely
    going to try this.

  24. Love the biryani in every way ,Im not picky LOL .loved it .thank you.
    Las Vegas

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