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Vegetarian Enchilada Recipe – Enchiladas Bandera!

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  1. Salsa looks suuuuuper thin.

  2. Thumbs Way UP!!! DELISH!!! ;D XO

  3. Mmmmm, they look wonderful.

  4. *Cinco de Mayo** is almost here!*

    My friend Carlos shared his vegetarian enchiladas recipe with me on today’s
    episode. He calls them *Enchiladas Bandera* because they’re the colors of
    the Mexican flag. Enjoy!


    #cincodemayorecipes #vegetarianrecipe #enchiladarecipe 

  5. Yummy veggie enchiladas and handsome man guest.

  6. hilah is cool as hell. it’s so good to see a white girl just being cool
    with a fellow mexican, no racial undertones of ‘othering’ the dude, just
    super rad… yeah, anyway, great stuff. good recipe. thanks for sharing.
    tons of love! subscribing to this channel. hope she has more veggie stuff

  7. does anyone else think she kind of looks like Phoebe from Friends? 

  8. Christopher Sharpe

    Thanks to huge translation help from Carlos we now have our first episode
    with English AND Spanish Captions. I have to say the YouTube captioning and
    translation setup is *very* impressive.

    If you publish videos to YouTube on a regular basis I highly recommend you
    take advantage of the captioning feature. I use Fiverr to get
    transcriptions of each episode and then just upload it as a text file.
    YouTube’s system does a pretty amazing job of getting it synced up
    correctly. Adding captions is HUGE when it comes to optimizing your videos
    for search engines.

    After you have your video captioned you can access the translation feature.
    There are some paid options for having your videos translated – but they
    are pretty expensive. You also have the option of sending it to a
    translator of your choice. As long as they have a gmail account, you can
    just add their email address and they will get an email along with a link
    to access the captions. Once they’re done with the translation you get a
    notification to approve or disapprove it. It’s a really nice system.

    We’ve started working last year at getting all of our episodes captioned.
    The next step in the plan is Spanish translations for everything.


  9. No fair… You made that in 8 minutes.

  10. I didn’t know Lisa Kudrow had a cooking channel on youtube! :p

  11. Mucho Gracias!!! Hilah!

  12. I want those.

  13. YUM!

  14. You know it’s good when you have 1k ups and 2 downs

  15. Wow! Sooooo good! Thank you!

  16. Is there any different cheeses you can use? 

  17. He is so adorable lol :)

  18. Mercedes Kirkpatrick

    I am becoming a veggitarian so thanks for the vid!

  19. Nice taco! Tempe is made from Indonesia :)

  20. Literally make this every week sooo gooooddddd 

  21. Made this tonight… oh my my! SO delicious! 

  22. Squishy Sirenita

    OMGooooodness!!! SOOOOOO good!!!!! Thank you Carlos and Hilah!!!! Am eating
    these as we speak!! I added grated zucchini and chopped baby bella
    mushrooms to avocado mixture and it’s out of this world!!! Hugs!

  23. Lmfao she wants the mexican d 

  24. She made me hungry and horny at the same time 

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